With the founding of our association
we are closing a gaping wound in our society.
We focus on leveling out language barriers
and apply our communication skills,

for fellow citizens with and without an integration and migration background to make contact with companies
and non-governmental institutions.

We therefore work with volunteer interpreters; offer our members
professional formulations and solutions in communication with the respective parties.

As an uninvolved outsider
we minimize the pressure in often emotionally charged disputes
and offer a link to legal representatives in legal matters.
Attention: We are not lawyers and are not allowed to give any legal information

Our association formulates your request in perfect German and contacts the respective counterparty on your behalf.

to find the right solution for you.
We are happy to support you!
As a non-profit association, it requires not only voluntary work but also financial resources,
which we have to earn for our work through donations, sponsors and memberships.

our supporters:

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